How to order

Reproductions and terms of use

1. On the website of the Beethoven-Haus users from all over the world may access the institution's digitalised inventory free of charge for non-commercial purposes only. When using digitised media, the Beethoven-Haus must be indicated as owner in the following way: "Beethoven-Haus Bonn" and/or "Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Sammlung H.C. Bodmer". The permanent link to the digitised item, referred to in German as "Link auf diese Seite" or "Permalink", must also be indicated.

2. Scans, printouts and copies for non-commercial use can be ordered with costs from the library of the Beethoven-Haus:
Digitised media and printouts that a user has obtained by ordering may not be used as a master for printing, be reproduced, posted on the Internet or transferred to third parties.

3. Of each publication for which the ordered material served as a working basis, the customer agrees to send an author copy free of charge to the following address:
Beethoven-Haus Bonn
Bonngasse 24-26
53111 Bonn

4. Prices and terms of delivery
  • Digitised inventory:
    The price for a file (image) with high resolution (600 respectively 400 dpi) is Euro 2.

  • Non-digitised inventory:
    The price for a file (image) with medium resolution (150 dpi, black-and-white) is Cent 50. 
    The price for a file (image) with a resolution of 300 dpi is Euro 1. 
For each order a one-time processing fee of Euro 10 is charged.

The stated prices are final prices, including the legal VAT, plus charges for postage and packaging.

Payment is due after receipt of the order confirmation. Once the payment has been received, the order will be shipped to the customer.

5. The terms of use for business or commercial purposes as well as for other purposes implying re-publication are stipulated by the photographic service (Bildstelle) of the Beethoven-Haus and can be obtained from:
Phone: +49 228-98175-19
Among these purposes is in particular the use of digitised items as a master for printed publications, as a PDF file, app, eBook for download and to integrate and display them in electronic disks and paid offers on websites that are intended primarily for business or commercial use.
The corresponding fees vary depending on purpose and are in line with the typical charges for using photographs and images as determined by the German Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto-Marketing. The fee includes the charges for the ordered file.
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