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The responsible body for the Beethoven-Haus is a member-based association with democratic principles that was founded in 1889. Anybody can join it, and currently it has more than 700 members. In 1999 the Beethoven-Haus Foundation was added. Its mission is to support the activities of the Beethoven-Haus in the long run–with funds and ideas. On the occasion of the association's 125th founding anniversary in 2014, the Beethoven-Haus Foundation established the so-called "Friends and patrons of the Beethoven-Haus". So, there are two ways to actively support the Beethoven-Haus: as a member of the association or as a member of the friends and patrons group.

Membership of the Association Beethoven-Haus Bonn

Today the Beethoven-Haus Association has about 700 members. Any individual who wants to support the Beethoven-Haus can join as a member. To apply for membership, click here. According to its constitution the Association has been established to care for the memory of Beethoven's works in musical, museum and musicological ways. For extraordinary efforts to help preserve the memory of Ludwig van Beethoven, entitled members can be granted an honorary membership.

The annual minimum subscription fees are
100,- Euro individuals
150,- Euro married couples
50,- Euro pensioners
75,- Euro married pensioners
85,- Euro jung persons (until 27 years)
500,- Euro juristic persons

Subscription is payable at the beginning of the year via direct debit.

Every year in June there is an annual general assembly, in which the board and those responsible at the Beethoven-Haus report to the members on the work in the previous year.

As a member you will be given reduced rates for the Museum; in addition you will receive a pass entitling you to a discount for the concerts in the Chamber Music Hall organized by the Beethoven-Haus. You will also receive an annual gift from the Publishers as well as the magazine Appassionato.
Beethoven-Haus Bonn

Friends and patrons of the Foundation Beethoven-Haus Bonn

The friends and patrons group of the Foundation Beethoven-Haus is open for anyone interested in supporting the activities of the Beethoven-Haus without officially joining the association. This is a good option for businesses that cannot join any associations due to their compliance policies or for individuals living far away or abroad and who therefore cannot or do not wish to partake in the association's many activities. Friends and patrons of the Beethoven-Haus receive the same information and offers as association members. However, they may not attend the annual members' reunion.

If you wish, you may support the friends and patrons of the Beethoven-Haus by making a monetary donation or donation in kind:
  • As a contributor with a one-off financial contribution or donation in kind.
  • As a sponsor with an annual donation.
  • As a patron with a large donation.
  • As a founder with a contribution to the basic assets of the foundation.

For more information see the broschure "Kreis der Freunde und Förderer des Beethoven-Hauses" (in German)

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