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In the place where Ludwig van Beethoven was born, he is still at his most alive. Discover new or little known facts about the famous composer.

For children

"Hello Beethoven"

The interactive encounter with Beethoven was created for children aged 10 to 13. The website exists in five languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Chinese. Beethoven's life can be focused through various topics. Music and spoken original quotes frame Beethoven's thrillingly narrated life history. Original images of letters, sheet music and other documents are waiting to be discovered. Animated illustrations invite the user to interact, to answer multiple choice questions or to play games of didactic value.

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Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770. He lived in his hometown till 1792. The rest of his life he spent in Vienna, where he died in 1827.

Beethoven in Bonn

Beethoven in Vienna

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Beethoven and Bonn by Michael von Lingen, 1989

Beethoven, the beginning by Michael Meert, 2007

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Beethoven's ear

A musical narrative about Beethoven's deafness

Beethoven was not even 30 years old when he realised that his hearing ability started to decrease. This process would continue until he became completely deaf. A tragedy for a composer. We have reconstructed this process electronically. By listening to Beethoven's music the way the composer heard it, you can experience Beethoven's dwindling hearing ability. Statements from Beethoven and some of his contemporaries as well as short medical explanations complement this vivid reconstruction and give an example of how Beethoven must have lived through this tragic time and how other people might have perceived him. The reconstruction "Mit Beethovens Ohr gehört" (Heard with Beethoven's ears) is also available on CD in our shop.

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Beethoven sayings

"I would rather write 10000 notes than a single letter of the alphabet", so Ludwig van Beethoven admitted to his Bonn friend and musical editor Nikolaus Simrock (in a letter from November 28, 1820), still he was forced to make written utterances all the time. Beethoven's letters alone contain far more than 100,000 letters of the alphabet written with his quill. Some statements have become quite famous and even popular sayings.

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Send greetings with Beethoven

Send a personal greeting per e-mail. In four easy steps you can design an electronic greeting card with a motive, music, a Beethoven quotation and your own personal message.

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"Appassionato" is the magazine of the Beethoven-Haus. Founded in 1998, it is published twice a year (May and November) and reports on what is going on at the Beethoven-Haus. The title "Appassionato" ("with passion") not only alludes to Beethoven's famous piano sonata in F major, op. 57, a.k.a. "Appassionata", but also indicates what readers and editors have in common: They share a passionate interest in Ludwig van Beethoven's life, oeuvre and impact.

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