Chronology Beethoven in Bonn

Beethoven's grandfather Ludwig van Beethoven (1712-1773) is appointed to the Bonn electoral choir, first of all as a bass, then in 1761 as the court musical director (Kapellmeister).

Beethoven's father Johann (c. 1740-1792) helps out in the court choir. From 1764 he receives a post as tenor.

Ludwig van Beethoven is baptized on 17 December.

Public appearance as a piano-playing child prodigy on 26 March in Cologne.

First publication: Nine Variations on a March by Dressler (WoO 63). Occasionally stands in as court organist, without pay.

Beethoven dedicates three Piano Sonatas (WoO 47) to his employer, the Elector Maximilian Friedrich.

Appointed deputy court organist.

End of the year journey to Vienna in order to have lessons with Mozart. Between January and April 1787 Beethoven spends some weeks at Vienna, a meeting with Mozart may have been arranged, but is not documented. On his way home Beethoven received the news that his mother was dying.

Beethoven becomes a member of the Bonn court chappell as violist.

Composes a cantata on the death of the Emperor Joseph II (a brother of the Bonn Elector Maximilian Franz), and a cantata for the coronation of Leopold II. Joseph Haydn visits Bonn on his way to London and in 1792 on his way back to Vienna; Beethoven is introduced to him.

In November Beethoven goes to Vienna to study with Haydn. He later also takes lessons with Albrechtsberger and Salieri.

French troops occupy the Rhineland. The Electorate in Cologne is dissolved and the Elector flees. Beethoven thus loses his post in Bonn; what was to have been a study trip to Vienna now becomes a permanent move.