Technical specifications and charges

Technical specifications:
  • Plan

  • Seating capacity: 199 seats (360 m2); arranged as in a Roman arena: in a semicircle around the stage and raked

  • No seat numbers

  • No toilet for disabled persons

  • Air-conditioning

  • Additional rooms backstage with separate access

  • 2 dressing rooms

  • Lighting control system (no movable spotlights)

  • Size of the stage: c. 7,50 x 9,00 m

  • Grand piano: Steinway D

(Not including personnel for the cloakroom, evening box office or stewards; where applicable, VAT is included)
  • Chamber music hall for an evening event:
    Hire: 900,- Euro, overhead flat rate: 300,- Euro (VAT included)

  • Grand piano:
    Hire (including one tuning): 400,- Euro (plus VAT)

  • Garden and shop:
    Hire: 300,- Euro