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Studien zu Beethovens Diabelli-Variationen
Arnold Münster, 1982
(Publication series, Vol. 8)

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  • Zum Geleit (von Martin Staehelin)

  • Vorwort

  • Entstehungsgeschichte. Gegenstand der Studien

  • Vorbereitende Untersuchungen
    1. Das Thema
    2. Invarianten und Variationsprinzipien

  • Die Variationen
    1. Variation I
    2. Variation II-IV
    3. Variation V-VII
    4. Variation VIII-X
    5. Variation XI-XIII
    6. Variation XIV
    7. Variation XV-XVII
    8. Variation XVIII-XIX
    9. Variation XX
    10. Variation XXI-XXIII
    11. Variation XXIV Fughetta
    12. Variation XXV-XXVIII
    13. Variation XXIX-XXXI
    14. Variation XXXII Fuga
    15. Variation XXIII

  • Die Form des Gesamtwerkes
    1. Die makroskopische Gliederung
    2. Die thematische Struktur
    3. Kontraste, Kontinuität, Steigerung

  • Schlußbemerkungen

  • Anhang: Die Skizzen zu den Diabelli-Variationen (von Sieghard Brandenburg)

  • Bibliographie

230 pages


The Diabelli Variations op. 120 are amongst Beethoven's most important piano works. They are the last major composition he wrote for the pianoforte. In this monograph, Arnold Münster writes about the genesis of the work and its lgendary name "Variationen über einen Schusterfleck" (Variations on a cobbler's patch). According to his contemporaries Beethoven is said to have written this above the work himself. Its special place amongst Beethoven's works becomes apparent on establishing the structure of the composition, the connections and similarities with others of his works, on evaluating the compositional technique and on a thorough analysis of the individual variations, based on the available sketches.