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Robert Schumann, Klavierbüchlein für Marie
Faksimile-Ausgabe der Handschrift im Beethoven-Haus Bonn (Sammlung Bodmer) mit einem Kommentar
Hrsg. von Bernhard R. Appel, 2. korrigierte Auflage, 2012
(Facsimiles, Vol. 11)

18,00 Euro
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  • Facsimile: Klavierbüchlein für Marie (piano booklet for Marie)

  • Facsimile: A course in music history

  • Commentary

32 pages


In September 1848 Robert Schumann gave his daughter Marie the "Klavierbüchlein für Marie" (Piano booklet for Marie) on her birthday. It contains eight short pieces which form the original version of the well-known "Album für die Jugend" (Album for the Youth) op. 68. Together with the "Klavierbüchlein" a further six pieces have survived as the "Musikgeschichtlicher Lehrgang" (Course in musical history), five of which are reworkings of pieces by other composers. Amongst these is Beethoven's famous melody "Ode to Joy" ("Freude schöner Götterfunken") from the Ninth Symphony. This work caused H.C. Bodmer to add the manuscript to his comprehensive collection of Beethoven memorabilia which he left to the Beethoven-Haus on his death in 1956.