An unusual performance: Das begehbare Ensemble

Thursday | 2020 May 7 until Wednesday | 2020 June 3

There is always some respectful distance between musicians on stage and the audience. This is definitely not the case with "Das begehbare Ensemble". In this installation, invisible musicians perform and the audience is invited to enter the stage and approach the ensemble head or its members to listen to them at close range. This creates a feeling of "being part of it" which is usually reserved to the musicians alone. All of a sudden, the music, its polyphonic structure, each instrument's sound and contribution to the whole piece become visible. Visitors may walk through the ensemble and explore major compositions from an utterly new perspective.

A co-operation project for the Beethoven year developed by the Centre for Music and Film Informatics of the Detmold University of Music and the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the "Beethoven's workshop" project of the Beethoven-Haus Bonn and the University of Detmold/Paderborn, the Zentrum Musik – Edition – Medien and the artistic studies as well as the Erich Thienhaus Institute of the Detmold University of Music.