With large donations from 1.000 Euro on for private persons and 5.000 Euro on for legal persons you help us to carry out important plans and projects that otherwise could not be financed. If you donate several times within five years, the accumulated sum will be taken into account. Donators of large sums are honoured by the title Patron. Furthermore, to express our gratitude, the Beethoven-Haus provides you with additional benefits that exceed the ones granted to contributors and sponsors.

Additional benefits for patrons:

  • Mentioning on the internet and in the annual report as "Patron of the Beethoven-Haus"
  • Certificate
  • Invitation to the traditional concert on the occasion of Beethoven's baptism day on December 17th
  • For private donations starting from 5,000 Euro and business donations starting from 15,000 Euro an exclusive event for you and your guests or customers at the Beethoven-Haus